Thursday, June 3, 2010

Aragon Makes Shared Custody the Norm

In spite of a fiercely patriarchal fascist dictatorship that lasted for 36 years and only ended in 1975, Spain is far ahead of the US in what concerns gender equality. It's simply fenomenal to observe how successful Spain is in its quest to eradicate the last vestiges of the patriarchy left behind by its anti-women regimes.

Recently, for example, Aragon took a huge step forward by rehauling its custody laws (I have to warn you that the link is in Spanish.) Before this new law, in cases of divorce the custody of children was given to women in over 90% of cases (more or less the same as it is everywhere.) Now, however, 90% of custody cases in Aragon will automatically be resolved in terms of shared custody. Divorced parents will thus continue to bring up their children together.

Kudos to Aragon for fighting against the stereotype that parenthood is somehow more of a female chore. From now on, people who have decided to have children together will have to keep bringing them up together in spite of getting divorced.

You really have to admire the people of Spain for their dedication to the cause of gender equality. I wish more countries followed in its footsteps. The US could definitely benefit from following Spain's example.


Anonymous said...

I'm impressed to see a member of feministblogs supporting equality in an area that actually benefits men. In most western countries feminists have fought against men having equality as parents (divorced or not).

Clarissa said...

I believe that gender equality benefits everybody: women, men, children, transgendered folks, everybody. Equality is good, inequelity is bad: that's my brand of feminism. :-)

But I know what you mean about some people who call themselves feminists being opposed to actual equality. Sad.

Veronica said...

There is a problem with this though: abusive fathers. In quebec there was a law proposed for forced equal custody/visitation, but what if you are divcorcing bcecause ur husband is abusive ? This would mean putting your kids in harms way.

Clarissa said...

Abusive fathers AND mothers. The law will proceed from the assumption that shared cutody is the norm unless there are special circumstances not to grant shared custody. As I understand it, this is done specifically to address the issue of abusive parents of either gender.

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