Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Spain Is in the Quarter Finals!!!!!!!!!!!

The amazing David Villa scores against Portugal:


Reenasienna said...

We should celebrate Clarissa ! It was nice to see Spain making it. I also liked ur blog post on St. Louis - gave me some Laugh-out-loud moments.

Voroshilov said...

they need Messi because is the Barcelona!.
The spaniards changed its system of football. Before, was pure courage and fury, today, was replaced by good game in equipment, really triumphed "curfew" (" El toque"), the "JOGO BONITO" (in portuguese, the nice or beatiful game), i.e. , the game of Spain is the most similar to the south american game who has been ( although Brazil and Argentina betted to something else entirely different reneging on its origins.) the exception was Uruguay.
Noted that the Spaniards did not kick volleys high? All the passes are the levelness of the floor (the south american style (touch, triangulation, numbers 10: Iniesta, Xavi))