Friday, June 4, 2010

Arizona's Racism Now Persecutes Artwork

We all know that Arizona's racism is out of control. Still, recent manifestations of its racism have been so completely insane that it's scary. In one of recent cases that have made the news worldwide, an elementary school asked a group of artists to lighten the skin tone of children depicted on one of the school murals. The point of the change is, of course, to make the children look less Hispanic. (You can read more here.) I don't think that anybody can really deny that being bothered by Hispanic faces in a mural is very, very unhealthy.

What has been happening in Arizona is shameful. We can't keep putting up with this explosion of racist insanity if we want to keep being considered a civilized country. I call on all readers of this blog to participate in the Boycott Arizona! project. Let's boycott this semi-fascist abomination of a state until they repeal SB1070 (the law that makes police officers request documentation from people to ascertain whether or not they are undocumented.)

Seriously, people, after this crazy law the logical next step is to ask certain inhabitants of the state to wear a yellow star (or its equivalent) on their chest. A policy similar to Arizona's SB1070 exists in the totalitarian and notoriously racist Russia which is ruled by a former KGB agent. Do we really want to turn the US into another Russia?


V said...

---A similar policy exists in the totalitarian and notoriosuly racist Russia which is ruled by a former KGB agent.

Similar meaning police is allowed and encouraged to control everybody's documents, not that immigrants in Russia have to wear any signs on their clothes...

Clarissa said...

Yes, that's exactly what I meant and it came out weird. :-)