Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Who Do They Think They Are?

Who the hell do those Israelis think they are? Americans? Don't they know already that the only country in the world that is allowed to act aggressively with or without provocation is the good old US of A?

Who would have known they are that naive? So they go and create a blockade of the Gaza strip and then they actually expect somebody to care about that. To think that such ingenuity is possible in this day and age. Don't they know already that the only blockades, military actions, torture, destruction, in short, any kind of political decisions that are to be respected on this planet are those of the US?

Don't they realize that the so-called liberal journalists need stuff to write about? Of course, when the US invaded Iraq for no reason whatsoever, they didn't dare to emit a sound in protest. When the economy was being destroyed by endless deregulation, they did nothing but cheer. When the human rights were trampled in an unprecedented manner, they had nothing to say. No matter what kind of atrocity the US commits, they keep sitting on the sidelines with patient resignation, waiting for a chance to show their complete approval.

Obviously, all the effort that goes into not reporting any actual news must be very fatiguing. So when an opportunity arises to let off some steam by bashing Israel - for doing a tiny fraction of what the US has been doing on a daily basis for over a century, mind you - they jump on it. Anti-semitism always sells extremely well, especially so in times of economic crisis. Of course, these so-called journalists haven't even recognized that there is an economic crisis yet and prefer to lie to the public about being in a "recession." Why not distract the people who keep losing their jobs from the sad reality that the economy is not about to improve any time soon by a spot of Israel-hating?


V said...

Yes, the US was not criticized enough. Here we agree. But what kind of a conclusion are you trying to make from this fact? Let's not criticize anybody else? Let's not criticize Israel, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Belorussia, China,e tc, etc etc?
Or is there anything special about Israel?

Without giving references to particular articles of particular journalists who never criticize the US but now jumped to criticize Israel, your message comes dangerously close to those attempts to silence ANY criticism of Israel by accusations of antisemitism.
In my opinion, overusing such accusations is not only wrong per se, but also not in the long-term interests of Israel. Because if such arguments are overused, two things can happen (I believe they are already happening).
a) they will be perceived commonplace, a figure of speech, something which just has to be present, but nobody really pays any attention to it. But this is in the best case. In the worst case
b) such accusations will be perceived as irritating demagoguery, and result in the increase of the antisemitism.

And so it may happen that when antisemitism happens for real, nobody will pay attention. Which will be a pity, because there is some real antisemitism out there...

Izgad said...

Your most "wall posting" worthy post yet. :)

Clarissa said...

V.: The problem is that nobody is criticizing "Israel, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Belorussia, China,e tc, etc etc" with nearly the same virulence that they do Israel. When Russia invaded Georgia - actually dropped bombs on that country killing a lot more people than the Israeli soldiers in this most recent episode - the liberal media (including, sadly, my favorite journal The Nation) applauded Russia and defended its right to do so. Another example: the recent events between North and South Korea. Unlike what happened with the flotilla case, not only did my blogroll not explode with endless posts on the subject, there was barely any mention of it. And we all know that Korea is a nuclear nation, so shouldn't we kind of pay attention to what it's doing?

Things like what happened with the flotilla (and a lot worse) go on all the time. But somehow they only get this much coverage when Israel is involved. For example, Spain recently discovered that Venezuela trained etarras (Basque terrorists) in special terrorist camps. A huge international scandal followed. Spain and Venezuela are kind of as far away from the US as Turkey and Israel. Still, did anybody report on that? Is anybody cognizant of the scandal between Spain and Venezuela?

There must be some reason why the liberal media jump on every chance to bash Israel. If any of my readers are willing to suggest other reasons for this, I'd love to hear from them. For now, though, that's all I can come up with.

Anonymous said...

I'd put forth that Israel is a lot more "on the radar" than the countries you have mentioned above (Spain, Venezuela, Korea) in regards to the fact that Israel part of the Middle East, and we all know how much the news organizations like to jump on top of that situation.

I'm not saying you're wrong; I'm offering an explanation that I think might fit. Certainly you're right that a LOT of the criticism levelled at Israel has to do with straight-up anti-Semitism.

The Russia thing though? That I don't understand. Unless the news outlets you speak of were merely aligning with the superpower in this case. Israel isn't exactly a world superpower in the way that places like Russia and the US are.

I agree completely with your point that the US seems to be the only country that is allowed to do anything terrible and get away with it. American Media (and lots of international media, to be honest) has a serious pro-USA slant, whether it be out of fear or feelings of comraderie, as it were.

Anonymous said...

In other words, for the journalists Jews are sticking out like sore thumbs. ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

I wonder why that is. )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Brianna said...

"Israel, North Korea, Iran, Russia, Belorussia, China"

I can't believe you even put those countries in the same sentence. Millions of North Koreans died through government-cause famine in the 90s. Women get raped before execution in Iran, because they believe that virgins get an automatic pass to heaven. And any division between Arabs and Jews in Israel has nothing on the hukou system in China.

Israel acted in self-defense, as proved by the video provided. Peace activists do not pine for martyrdom or tell Jews to "go back to auschwitz." Case closed.