Monday, June 14, 2010

Spain Puts Religion in its Place

More great news from Spain: after centuries of fettering the country's progress, running state affairs, and imposing all kinds of anti-women, anti-gay, anti-semitic, anti-science, and anti-basic human rights policies, religion in Spain will finally be put in its place. The new law of Religious Freedom that is currently being prepared by Spain's Socialist government is aimed at advancing "a secular state." Crucifixes and other religious symbols will be banned from schools, hospitals, and public organizations. State functions will not "integrate ceremonies of religious nature." This is a great and hugely important step for Spain.

Today, there are 1,4 million Muslims, 1 million Protestants and 600,000 Orthodox Christians in Spain. When this new law is passed, these groups will feel less discriminated against because of not being Catholic.Never again will the shameful events that followed the 11-M terror attacks be repeated, when all victims were buried in a Catholic funeral, even though some of the victims were Muslim and Orthodox Christian.

When will the US finally remember its foundational belief in the separation of Church and State and give up on silly stuff such as the National Prayer Day, dependence of public policy on religion, the religious fundamentalists' influence on politics, or interrogating presidential candidates on how often they go to church?

Those who have no objection to the Spanish language, read more about this law here.

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