Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Spain Needs to Win the World Cup

I am beyond disappointed and sad over Spain's silly loss to Switzerland (of all God forsaken places!) in Spain's first game of this World Cup. Since Ukraine is not playing in the 2010 World Cup, I have been rooting for Spain with all my heart. There are many non-sport-related reasons why Spain needs to win this year. The economic crisis hit Spain extremely hard. The unemployment level is at 20%, and this number is not expected to go down at the very least until 2012. Both main political parties are torn apart by endless corruption scandals. People are losing heart, and a win in the World Cup would help a country that adores football* recover its spirits.

Spain is a truly admirable country, and I'm not only saying this because it's my job to say this. :-) Not only is it incredibly vibrant artistically, it has preserved its art and culture against enormous odds. Victim of the longest surviving European fascist dictatorship, Spain only became fascism-free in 1975. Since then, it has progressed at an incredibly fast pace. A country that was plagued with blatant gender inequalities and truly disgusting degree of homophobia is today light years ahead of the US in what concerns gender equality and gay rights**. It also established a far more civilized relationship between state and religion than anything we can imagine in this country.

I truly hope that in spite of today's silly defeat Spain will be able to get it together and win the World Cup. In terms of its capacity for to fight for feminist ideals, there is no other country who deserves the win more.

A por ellos oe 
A por ellos oe
A por ellos oe
A por ellos oe oe

*I'm from Europe, so football is football and American football is non-existent. :-)

**Same-sex marriage in Spain was legalized in 2005.


Fred said...

Spain were unlucky to lose against Switzerland but they should still make the second round.

Clarissa said...

Thank you, Fred, you are a nice person. :-)

I'm eagerly awaiting the game with Honduras.