Monday, June 21, 2010

World Cup Today: Spain vs Honduras

Now that Portugal has pummeled North Korea in a beautiful game, I can't help hoping that Spain will beat Honduras at least 2:0 (hopefully, more) in the next two hours. As much as I love Honduras, Spain needs to win this.

Real-time updates:

5:01 - Spain is playing beautifully. But if they don't score soon, I'll have a heart attack.

11:45 - I'm glad Valladares is fine. He is a great goalkeeper (Honduras), and it would be a shame for him to sustain an injury so early in the game.

14:11 - Spain is pressing like crazy but it is time to score already.

And what a beautiful one, too!!!!! David Villa is fantastic!

19:30 - And of course Mendoza tripped Villa up almost immediately after the goal. 

20:32 - What's up with Ramos? He is kind of all over the place today, and not in a good way.

23:38 - Xavi misses a sure thing header. Urrrrgh!!!

24:23 - Spain is playing the most beautiful game I have seen in this World Cup so far. Of course, I'm biased, so take it for what it's worth.

27:46 - Vamos, chicos, we need at least one more goal. Hopefully, more.

29:07 - Torres is like some kind of a football miracle.

32:59 - But he just can't get it in the net. Carajo.

[I can't believe I had to miss 10 minutes of the game because of an important phone call concerning my visa status.]

49:04 - Come on, guys, some people are winning 7:0, we can't stay at puny 1:0, especially with such a disparity in skill and technique

Villa is on a roll!!!!

53:30 - So whenever I write that it's time to score, Spain scores. Not to be superstitious here, but we need to score again!!

61:07 - Honduras is getting way too aggressive for their own good.

62:06 - Villa misses a penalty shot but he is allowed to do that after scoring twice already today. Well, I hope he gets to vindicate his penalty technique during the World Cup finals.

64:58 - Suazo misses, a Dios sean dadas las gracias.

66:37 - What's annoying is how the second you start watching a great game, the whole universe decides to call you on the phone. Why aren't they watching the World Cup, I wonder?

84:36 - I don't think the third goal is going to happen. Spain seems to be getting tired and begins to let Honduras attack. This is not good. Villa keeps trying to redeem himself for the missed penalty, though.

89:01 - Spain is so good today. I finally recognize the team that creamed my country's team in a very humiliating way in their first game of the 2006 World Cup. :-) (We later went on to the quarter finals.)

Great game overall. Final score Spain 2 - Honduras 0.


Kola Tubosun said...

It's been long since I've been here. Nice to see that you're also following the beautiful game. I was rooting for Nigeria before, but now I'm behind the good teams, Ghana and the US included. I hope they do well.


Clarissa said...

Glad to see you here, my friend. Welcome back! :-)