Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Best Hobby Ever

I have no idea why but I recently remembered this cottage cheese cake with raisins that I loved when I was a child. So I made my own cottage cheese and then baked the cake. It's really light because it only has three tablespoons of flour. And it's really delicious.

Weekends are great because I have the time and energy to make interesting recipes.

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Anonymous said...

Clarissa, could you post the recipe? Please?


Clarissa said...

It's very easy actually. You take a pound of cottage cheese. Add raisins (as much or as little as you want). Add 3 tablespoons of flour to the mix. Break an egg and mix it with 2-3 tablesponns of sugar. Mix egg and sugar well. Add them to cottage cheese-raisin batter. Mix everything up. Put into a baking dish. You can butter the bottom of the baking dish. Bake it on 350 degrees for 30-35 minutes.

I don't know, however, how it will come out with store bought cottage cheese. As I said, I make my own which is super easy if you have the culture.

KT said...


Rimi said...

How does one make cottage cheese at home?

Kira said...

I did not understand just that you're talking about 360 degrees Fahrenheit, not Celsius. ;-)

Clarissa said...

Rimi: You just need milk and the culture. You put the milk into the culture and wait for 3 days. That's it.

Kira: Fahrenheit vs Celsius and pounds vs kilos is a daily struggle for me.

Natasha from Russia said...

Hi, Klarissa.
I so have understood that you on American name a сheese cake, on its and our native land the baked pudding (запеканка) is called. Am I right?

I do in the same way, cottage cheese I take from shop, 18 % of fat content. I do not know truth identity of cottage cheese in the American and Russian shops

Hi Kira,
Don't include in Moscow an oven on 360 %, Moscow won't sustain one more Napoleonic fire. For preparation of a baked pudding there are enough 180 % and one hour

Clarissa said...

запеканка is exactly what it is. Просто творог купить невозможно и приходится делать свой собственный.

Am I now going to have a branch of the Russian forum that will remain unnamed here? :-)

Everybody is welcome! :-)

Похоже здесь скоро будет филиал одного неназываемого русскоязычного сайта. Всем добро пожаловать :-)

Sorry, English speaking people, but I wanted to greet my compatriots in our shared language.

Natasha from Russia said...

After small separation with pleasure I come back to you in a blog. And you call on ttp://