Thursday, April 7, 2011

Blog Post Requests

If you feel that there is a topic I haven't written about but you think I should, please leave your suggestion in the Comment section of this post. I'd love to know what people want to read about on this blog and will try to accommodate the requests I can.


el said...

I would be interested in a general post about philosophy (answering my question among other things) and the continuation of "Who Caused the Collapse of the Soviet Union?" series.

If you listen to music, I would love to get Russian and English recs, but it seems further from the spirit of your blog, so probably should be disregarded.

Hope you don't mind, if I add more ideas later.

Clarissa said...

Great suggestions! Feel free to add anything you want.

Pagan Topologist said...

I would like to see an essay on intercultural communication. You have talked about how not to do it from time to time, and have argued that sometimes it is not worth doing; but how can one go about communicating effectively with someone of a different culture which one is not very familiar with?

Clarissa said...

That's definitely a topic worth writing about. Thanks for the interesting suggestion!

Canukistani said...

I couldn't sleep last night so I started thinking about modern Japanese senryu where some of the words are absorbed english which have a totally different meaning. This got me thinking about Spanish/ English false cognitives. Sonrisa(sp) means smile instead of sunrise or "sopa en la ropa(sp)" means "soup in the clothes" rather than "soap on a rope". Do you have any thoughts on this topic?

This sort of ties in with TP comment.

Anonymous said...

could you write about your experience as a grad student? maybe with advice for new students or 1st years?

Clarissa said...

I have written on the last topic a lot:

Stroller52 said...

Hi Clarissa,

I discovered your blog whilst searching the internet and found your observations very interesting and at times highly thought-provoking.

I am about to start the third semester of a part time Life Drawing class and reading a book called Ways of Seeing, a collection of essays including one that discusses the use of the female nude in art. It argues this is a predominantly Western European phenomenon yet I think much African sculpture, for example, represents the nude or partially nude female form.

Apart from the old chestnut "What is art?" there are a number of questions here including the appropriateness of depicting the nude, male or female; the nude/naked question, and how the conventions of any particular society may influence the acceptability of the nude form.
I think there are very beautiful, moving, nudes including The Birth of Venus and the statues David and The Kiss. by Botticelli, Michaelangelo and Rodin respectively.

Sorry this comment has become somehat rambling but I felt this might be a good topic for your blog and I am very interested in your thoughts on the subject.

I must say I find the concentration level required to try to depict the human form on paper is unprecedented and, for what its worth the majority of models have been male anyway.