Saturday, April 2, 2011

Compliments to Clarissa's Blog

Look at the nice things people say about me:
Unfortunately, I've never heard the word "philosophy" at school, but I am sure it doesn't deserve hating. With a good teacher, I think we both would be interested. Clarissa at (VERY recommended blog in general) wrote numerous, fascinating posts about the subject (among her books' reviews). And you love logic, since you like programming. "If A, then B..." doesn't mean A is ever true/false. Ditto RE online discussions, otherwise why blog? There is science and there is junk science, and sometimes real science gets twisted and reported as junk one in newspapers. The less formal field of knowledge is, the easier is to twist it and let general public see a fake as a real thing. F.e. mathematics is very hard to twist, but evolutionary psychology is an easy victim.  In short, we love philosophy (studying how people and society work among other things, based on Clarissa's reviews of books by famous philosophers), logic and online discussions, it's fakes and shouting matches we hate. :)
This was published on a blog that I think is run by somebody from Sweden, which I always considered an enlightened country full of intelligent people. This nice comment was left by a user whose blog you can find here.

It's great to know that anti-Clarissa bloggers are balanced out by such appreciative, nice people. I feel very valued right now and encouraged to blog even more. Especially about philosophy.


el said...

Yes, baeraad is from Sweden. The person, who left the comment, isn't. In livejournal you can check personal info by going to the "livejournal userinfo" page.

How did you find the comment? Do all direct links appear somewhere on your blog or did you google it? If the 1st, would you be informed if the link had been "behind html"? (I mean words in blue, you click and behind them - link).

I would love to read more book reviews both about philosophy and literary criticism, if the latter could be of interest to usual readers too.

May be you would one day want to put up a post what philosophy is? I heard only the strange, nonsensical (to unprepared people, at least) "if tree falls in a forest..." example (of course, it makes a sound!), but your book reviews make it sound like a mix of sociology, psychology and political science. What's the basic difference that prevents one saying it's this mix of questions from those 3 fields?

Clarissa said...

I found it completely by chance through my Statcounter. I just saw that there was suddenly an influx of visitors from Sweden and decided to investigate.

I will definitely write a general post on philosophy, what a great idea!