Monday, April 11, 2011

Ear Troubles

Several people e-mailed me to ask how come I only wrote one post yesterday and whether I'm feeling well. It's very nice of everybody to worry but there is no need to. My ear hurts again, so I will need to make yet another trip to the otolaryngologist. So yesterday I just nursed my ear and caught up on my reading all day long.

My otolaryngologist is quite a character. He is a very very old Jewish gentleman who is completely deaf (which is very fitting for an otolaryngologist.) His office looks exactly like doctors' offices looked in the fifties. I believe that this is when he had started the practice, after which the office hasn't been changed. 

However, even this highly experienced old doctor who says that I have very good looking ears hasn't been able to repair my silly left ear that has been giving me trouble my entire life. Until I manage to get my appointment with the doctor, I will have to walk around with a dysfunctional ear.

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