Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Funny Searches, Part II

It is always very enlightening to see what searches bring people to my blog. Here are some of the most hilarious ones from the last couple of days. For many of them I have absolutely no explanation:
  • I am a woman that dislike feminist (This, or a variation of this, brought 5 people to the blog in just two days)
  • dealing with rejection academia (As I said before, this is one of the most popular queries ever)
  • why do people with aspergers struggle to show emotion (I hope that my posts prove to be useful here)
  • male genital blogspot (Don't ask)
  • bananas and porn zizek (Some people have very strange fetishes)
  • why ramification in the world is bad and good (As I always tell my students, define your question first)
  • penetrating female jewelry (I'm not sure this person enjoyed my blog)
  • aspergers snob (Yes, that's me)
  • nice menS from Russia for friendship (Here, as everywhere else, the spelling of the original is preserved)
  • husband doesn't care about me (Just dump his sorry ass already!)
  • anti feminine waterloo university (Unless the person meant "anti-feminist", this is just weird.)
  • miserable in college (Sad, this)
  • tromso blog (People in Tromso, you need to start blogging now because there are many folks dying to read you)

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