Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My Kind of Gamer

This is really my kind of gamer:
A post in the official World of Warcraft forums has attracted much attention recently. Everbloom, a Night elf Druid on World of Warcraft's Feathermoon server, has managed to reach the maximum level 85 without killing a single mod. Everbloom pulled the feat off by only picking herbs, digging up bones and simply exploring the wilderness of Azeroth.
Like Everbloom, I hate games that require me to run, shoot, and feel under pressure. How much nicer is it to walk around at leisure, pick herbs and accumulate points that way. I often set up games on purpose in a way that makes it impossible for opponents to bug me while I'm slowly doing my thing. Life is full of stress, so if I find time to play, I want the game to be as stress-free as possible.

Sadly, I only find time to play maybe once every 3-4 months. Maybe I'll celebrate the end of the semester with one major bout of gaming.


Amanda said...

I am honestly really impressed by that achievement, because even when I'm trying to pick herbs, I usually have some mob attacking me that I have to fight off. I wonder if s/he had friends following hir around to help out?

Also, do you play wow? If so, what faction? Are you in a guild? My guild is super inactive, and it makes me sad, but I don't want to be in a huge guild, so I'm sort of screwed either way :-(

Clarissa said...

No, I'm a Civilization person. :-)

Pen said...

This is probably a bit of an obvious question, but then, I'm not an online gamer, so I wouldn't know. Why would you kill a mod? (That does stand for "moderator," right?)

Amanda said...

Pen, I'm assuming it was a typo for mob-- mobs are the random monsters that attack players during the game, which are also the monsters you generally have to kill during quests.

Pen said...

Ah. That makes much more sense.

Iain said...

Why don't you talk about Guild Wars and just Blizzard Entertainment. Guild Wars is a better not cost PC MMORPG with better ping.