Saturday, April 9, 2011

Ukrainians and Food

Once I invited some friends over to my parents' place. After a huge meal with many different dishes, the sated friends started getting up. "Where are they going?" asked my mother who doesn't speak English. "Tell them all to sit back down. These were just the appetizers. I also have hot sandwiches, entrées, and a dessert to serve." 

At the end of the meal people had to crawl away from the table because they were so full. "Ask them if they want a snack," my mother said. "I have a lot of snacks to offer. It isn't like I'd allow your friends to leave the house hungry."


sarcozona said...

This is how I felt when I was a guest in China!

liese4 said...

Sounds like my Italian Grandmother-in-law.

Judith Sierra-Rivera said...

Puerto Ricans are like this too. My mother will kill anyone who does not go for a third serving. At the very least, she will then tell me that she is convinced her food was not that great just because this one person could not eat a third plate. Yeah... I always return from Puerto Rico with some 5lbs extra in weight.