Saturday, April 9, 2011

What Did I Do?

There is a sudden and unexpected explosion of visits to this blog today. Usually, Saturdays are the worst days for bloggers because the number of visitors falls of a cliff. Today, however, there are crowds of people visiting the blog. This makes me very happy, of course, but I really need to know: what did I do to attract all these people to the blog? Can somebody tell me, and then I'll do it again?


Judith Sierra-Rivera said...

I found your blog today on Feminist blogs in English. I read one of your articles on academia, and then I found out in your posts that your field is Hispanic Studies. So I am hook from now on.

Clarissa said...

I'm very glad to have you here.

Oh, I wish I could live in Philadelphia. I love that city with a passion.

GMP said...

FWIW, I have a couple of hypotheses as to what might have caused all the extra blog traffic.

Saturdays are painfully slow in the blogosphere; very few people post, presumably because of laundry, groceries, taking kids to the park etc. I know I am always hungry to read something good posted between Friday and Sunday night. I think you wrote several interesting posts in the last two days and it really registered with a lot of people, perhaps more than usual because it is Saturday.

Also, all the traffic directed from FSP (she gets very high traffic) the other day probably helped, as people followed the link, looked around, and liked what they saw, and will be coming back (I certainly did).

I actually think it's the interplay of the two effects -- extra hits directed from FSP, on which you cashed in with several very good posts in the couple of days following (including filling out many people's reading void on the slow Saturday). Well done!

Enjoy the traffic!

Clarissa said...

Actually, I think that mostly you are the one to thank. :-) My statcounter shows that crowds of people came over from your blog. Thank you!!!

Clarissa said...

OK, so the mystery has been solved.

Crowds of people have visited this blog because a) a link to it appeared at the hugely popular and b) because I instituted a "Personal" page. It seems like people really want to know the real person behind the blogger whose posts they are reading.

Was the initial anonymity of this blog a huge mistake?