Thursday, December 17, 2009

Amazon's PayPhrase Keeps Freaking Me Out

Since I wasn't enticed to adopt the semi-offensive PayPhrase that Amazon suggested to me yesterday, they evidently decided to keep trying. Today's phrase is "Clarissa's Unusual Slippers" . This is kind of scary because I have, in fact, been wearing the unusual slipper-socks given to me by my Secret Santa at work.

Now I am really freaking out. Do I spend so much time at the Amazon web-site that they now know what I wear while browsing for books? Their website is my homepage at work, so maybe they have a way of knowing things about me.

Another question that bothers me: if they are right about the unusual slippers (which they are), maybe they are also right about my tiny talent? This is a sad possibility to consider. One thing I know for sure is that I am absolutely buying something at Amazon tomorrow just to see what the new PayPhrase they assign me has to reveal about me.

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