Thursday, December 24, 2009

Letters to St. Louis Post Dispatch

So I subscribed to St. Louis Post Dispatch on my Kindle. I know I sounds a little weird that I would even want to do that but I thought I should start supporting journalism in the economically devastated area where I now live.

The very first issue of St. Louis Post Dispatch scared me with the amount of sheer undiluted insanity contained in the letters to the editor. I was so scared when I saw those letters that I accidentally permanently deleted that issue from my Kindle. Then I thought better of it and went to the online version of the paper in order to comment on some of the letters for this blog. The letters in the online version are understandably better than in the print version. People who use a computer on a regular basis and read papers online can be expected to have at least the most basic level of education. Hence, they do not come out with  quite the same degree of madness exhibited by those who send letters to the print version. However, I was still able to dig up some veritable gems. Every signature contains a link to the actual letter so that my readers don't think I invented this.
Unfortunately, global warming is no longer about science; it has become a religion for those who seek to control our lives.
Michael Knes, St. Louis County
Unfortunately, Mr. Knes forgot to mention the actual names of the sad idiots who would want to control the lives of poor, uneducated country bumpkins like him.
Just read another letters claiming that everyone’s aversion to abortion is rooted in religion and also that women who are raped and become pregnant will not be able to get a abortion. This is just another red herring, raised by abortion lovers. I would like someone to truthfully tell me how many women in 100,000 are raped and how many of these women will become pregnant. Some of our aversion to abortion is not rooted in religion but in common decency because it takes a human life.
Ken J. Paynton ,
Stanton, Mo.
I wish to God in heaven that instead of reading "another letters" this person read at least one book. Ken J. Paynton here abandons all human decency in his statement that a couple of raped pregnant women don't really matter much. He further explains that common decency takes a human life, so this must be the reason why he does all he can to avoid being a decent human being. I suggest that instead of worrying about other people's reproductive organs, Mr. Paynton dedicate his energy to learning how to construct a decent sentence. This will help him pen letters to newspapers in the future, since this is obviously the only outlet for his indecent writing skills and helpless logic.
Reading Casey Croy’s letter “Rooted in Religion” December 11, I thought I would put aside my Catholicism for a moment to see why I am Pro-life. Then I thought, number one, abortion kills a human being. If I don’t like the death sentence for killers, why would I approve of killing an innocent baby??? So much for Pro-choice and no need to look for number two.
The constipated tone of the letter makes me think that Ms. Dinkywink hasn't done a number 2 for a while, actually. I guess the intriguing process of taking her Catholicism off and then (presumably) putting it back on has been absorbing her entire limited attention span. On a serious note, however, did everybody notice how this person insists that it's the INNOCENT babies she doesn't want to get killed? Obviously, she would be pretty much fine with somebody wiping out a few of those guilty babies.

If you are surpised by the angry tone of this post on a nice and rainy Christmas day (or is it tomorrow? I keep getting confused about this), imagine how scary it muust be to live surrounded by these individuals. Something tells me that the editors avoid publishing the absolute worst among the letters they receive.


NancyP said...

This isn't New York anymore, Toto!

Remember, Missouri was a slave state. Springfield, MO is the world capital of one of the oldest and largest Pentecostal denominations, Assemblies of God (Sarah Palin's home denomination). Rush Limbaugh came from Cape Girardeau, a few counties south of St. Louis. Most Southern Illinois counties were 100% white until the 1960s to 1980s, exceptions being counties with cities such as Cairo, Carbondale, East Saint Louis (thriving 100 years ago), some Illinois suburbs of St. Louis. This wasn't accidental - blacks were lynched, burnt out of their homesteads, picked up by cops and dumped at the county line with a warning "don't step in this county again", and last but not least, there was a massive race riot by whites against blacks in East St. Louis in 1917. Confederate flags have become popular in S. Illinois as well as in MO.

Face it, you are the new Commie Pinko professor on the block.

Clarissa said...

I have a student who has been disowned by her family for marrying a black man, so sadly you are right.

As for commie pinko, however, Comrade Stalin was a huge anti-abortionist. He had the doctors performing abortions executed. I'm surprised to find so many faithful stalinists in this area.