Friday, December 18, 2009

A Day in the So-Called Life of a Goldman Sachs Investment Banker

When I read this description of a regular day of what Goldman Sachs investment bankers believe is life, I thought that the purpose of this article was to scare people away from this insane, burn-yourself-out-and-die-of-a-heart-attack-by-the-age-of-40 lifestyle.

I was wrong, thoough. There are people (or should I just be honest and call them poor pathetic robots that have no idea how to be human?) who actually choose this slow and painful suicide instead of just having a life.

The author of this agenda did their best to try and find some sense of humor in what is being described here. However, when you look past the feeble attempts at joking, what you take away from this sorry description is an overwhelming sense of pity for people whose lives are so empty and useless that they would consent to such a horrifying lifestyle in order to avoid facing the reality of just how empty and useless they are.

This last page of the selection presents this insane suicidal lifestyle as something positive.

When asked why they live like these, the sad, miserable individuals in question say that it's a "personal choice." Well, obviously it is but the interesting question is why actual human beings would decide to commit this painful and protracted suicide.

The most precious commodity in any society is leisure. The availability of leisure time to people after they have covered their basic necessities is the central criterion used to judge the level of comfort that the society is offering to its citizens. Only people who are terrified to be left alone with their essential inner emptiness are incapable of cherishing this precious commodity. Don't get me wrong, there is hardly anybody in the world who loves their job more than I do. However, I would not be able to perform it quite as well if I did not use my leisure to grrow personally and intellectually. The people described in this article need to spend their every moment faking extreme business in order to fill out their vacuous existence with an imitation of important activity.

Another thing to consider is that people who work in these highly competitive predominantly male environments are living an intensely homosocial existence. They lie to themselves and to others, saying that they are motivated by money. However, here as well as everywhere else, money is not of primary importance. What matters to these sad, little robots is sticking it to other men. Not surprising, given that they do not have any other place to stick their uninspiring little dicks.


GoldenMan said...

Regardless of your criticism of the lifestyle, this statement does not fly

"The people described in this article need to spend their every moment faking extreme business in order to fill out their vacuous existence with an imitation of important activity."

They are not faking extreme business, in fact I would say that the US Government is one wing of the power structure, that is Goldman Sachs. Barack Obama the messiah of the deluded is just a stage prop for the real power behind the throne. Yes the bankers rule the world. If anything Obama and co. are faking it.

Clarissa said...

Oh, get off it. These sorry losers from Goldman Sachs rule nothing. This is a bunch of pathetic overgrown nerds who, as you can see from the description I included in the post, do not even control their basic bodily functions.

What all of this has to do with Obama escapes me completely. I think you were trying to say 'Bush' and misspoke.

You are welcome to read my recent posts about Obama and respond there. Just try to respond intelligently and witout hysteria. I don't like hysterics.

GoldenMan said...

Have you been following what happened last year? How trillions were printed and given away to the banks? Do you know that Goldman is giving away 20 billion in bonuses, which is more than the revenue of a really big company like Microsoft? Do not fool yourselves, Obama is not in charge "GoldMan" is.

Obama is just candy to keep the masses happy and doped with "hope". I haven't read the rest of your blog to determine whether you fall in that category.

Clarissa said...

Last year? Like last November-December? And who was in power then?

And yes, I know all about Goldman:

Clarissa said...

This is my most recent post on Obama:

GoldenMan said...

Good, we are on the same page.
I think the major point of disagreement is that that I believe that Goldman and its ilk are the real power behind the throne of the US government while you think the politicians can indeed curb, its power and that they are not doing that. I feel that if Obama indeed wanted to do that he will be replaced in the blink of an eye.

Clarissa said...

Oh, I know he is in their pocket, or in thrall to them, or whatever.

But who would replace him and how - especially in the very first year of his presidency - if he wanted to push them aside, at least a little bit?

No, the matters are much worse. he is not afraid of any objective, real things. It's an irrational, silly fear.

GoldenMan said...

Well, he would need support of rest of the government to do something, but all of these other guys are also in the Man's pocket.

Next if he tries too hard, serious attempts would be made to tarnish his reputation. You know how childish the media is in the US.

Clarissa said...

We all remember how this is not enough to remove a president from power in this country.

In any case, from what I have seen, he practically fell over himself rushing to apppoint these jerks to every key position from his first days in office. There was no objective need for him to do that.

GoldenMan said...

It is nice to meet a fellow liberal who is critical of Obama. All the others have become apologists for him even though I feel the problem is that he does not have a spine.

I used to think that people who say that banks run the world were just nutty conspiracy theorists, but last years events have made me a believer. I would vote for Ron Paul, if he could get the Republican ticket. He is the only one who has at least a little shot at getting rid of scum like Goldman.

Clarissa said...

I don't know what makes you think that the Goldman Sachs jerks and Co would not be overjoyed with the prospect of Ron Paul in office. I think this is actually the best candidate for them.