Sunday, December 13, 2009

More Funny Things from Student Essays

"The US have never really had bad relations with Cuba, but as for these days we don't have much of a relationship with them at all. I think that the embargo between US & Cuba is good because it allows for more opportunities for both countries." [I swear to God, we had 3 presentations, 2 class lectures, and 1 DVD on the embargo, and still it didn't seem to have registered at all.]

"Femicide is where all those women were being killed in Latin American countries and it isn't that big of a deal." [This is a female student writing, mind you.]

"Chavez has aligned Venezuela with odd countries such as Iran, Cuba, China, Russia, Bolivia, and Belarus."

"As a young child, Che's father would host parties for the Republicans that had served in the Civil War. Surrounding Che by many leftist beliefs sent his mind into orbit."

"Che Guevara started to enjoy many radical authors including Faulkner and Mussolini."

"Che Guevara excelled in sports. The Many (sic) sports included swimming, soccer, golf, cycling, and as a union rugby player." [This is an English-speaking student, by the way. Actually, they all are.]

"These people had to leave their homes and children behind because of their own countries inhabiting their farmland."

"Upon graduating, Che set off on another journey which he eventually landed in Guatemala."

"Raul introduced both Fidel and Che. The both of them had such an effect on each other that night that Ernesto had agreed to liberate Cuba besides Fidel and Raul Castro."

"Castro's idea was to rid Cuba of all U.S. owned property and to disband from America completely."

"Although the Bolivians were very poverty stricken, these Bolivians did not open their arms to Che and his band of guerillas. I believe by this time Guevara had become a novelty item to countries he attempted liberation."

"In conclusion, I believe that both Fidel Castro and Ernesto 'Che' Guevara were both major influences in the liberation of many Latin American countries including Africa." [I have to confess that I failed to mention in my lectures that Africa is NOT a Latin American country. My bad.]

"Che was more of a revolutionary than Fidel Castro. Although Fidel Castro did supply many furnishings to the efforts Ernesto sought to encounter."

"In 1936, Spain declared Civil War within their country."

"In 1931, a new form of government came to power in Spain, the Second Spanish Republic. The new government wished to institute more religion and added freedoms."

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Anonymous said...

The one about the farmland is borderline brilliant and poetic.

And we still question the relevance of Humanities...