Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What is 'machismo'? Student responses.

 For today's mini-quiz, my students in my Hispanic Civilization course had to answer the following question: "What is 'machismo'?" Here are some of the answers. Obviously, I am doing something wrong in this course because most of the students still have not been able to process such an important concept.
  • "a male superiority complex."
  • "masculine style."
  • "men acting like they have all the power."
  • "a macho mentality." 
  • "macho but in an oppressive way towards women."
  • "a set of characteristics or qualities that depict the nature of a man who is confident and strong."
  • "a very aggressive guy."
  • "men being manly."
  • "the idea that men are better than women." (Finally, a good answer and that, from a male student.)
  • "it is the masculine feeling and presence in culture." (God, what have I done to deserve hearing about "masculine feelings" so early in the morning?)
  •  "when men treat women like dirt because they see women as inferior to men." (That's the kind of writing I like!)
  • "masculine superiority over all females and other males. 'Alpha male' mentality combined with vanity, sexism, and chauvinism." (You've got to love this student.)

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Anonymous said...

From a student in a Spanish class:

"En America del sur los hombres son muy tradicionales, pero en EEUU aceptan cosas extranas como los homosexuales."

Priceless. Sorry for the lack of accents.