Wednesday, December 2, 2009

CNN Dumped Lou Dobbs!

How could I have possibly missed this?? It seems that CNN finally dumped the immigrant-hating jerk Lou Dobbs. This is absolutely fantastic news.

For years, it made absolutely no sense to watch Lou Dobbs on CNN. The only topic he was interested in addressing was his hatred of "illegal immigrants" from Mexico. Even though he made it abundantly clear a very long time ago that he hated immigrants with a vengeance, he still felt that it was somehow necessary to keep driving the point home over and over again. For a while, his anti-immigrant show was kind of fun to watch because it allowed the viewers to observe someone who would go into a self-induced psychotic break right on the air. But over the years, it got really and truly redundant.

Thank God, CNN finally caved to pressure from progressive organizations and booted this parody of a journalist off the air!

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