Monday, November 29, 2010

Did Somebody Say Our President Was a Socialist?

It has been announced to day that public sector workers in this country will have their pay frozen for the next two years:
[Obama] said that he had not made the decision to impose the freeze lightly. "These are people's lives. The doctors and nurses who care for our veterans; scientists who search for better treatments; men and women who care for our national parks, borders and skies." But he said these were times when "all of us are called upon to make some sacrifices". He added: "I'm asking civil servants to do what they have always done: play their part."
"All of us"? Seriously? Who are we kidding here? Does anybody doubt that the tax cuts for the very rich will be extended once again, deficit or no deficit? Or that the benefits for long-term unemployed are about to lapse this week, while nobody will lift a finger to do anything about it?

If you still think this is a "socialist" administration, you need to tell me what you are smoking because I want some of that too right now.


KT said...

I'm hoping that the president, for once again, show his resoluteness by insisting that the tax cut remain only for the middle class in spite of the hot rhetoric of the Republican. But one can only hope. I'm beginning to doubt that the Democrats who couldn't do anything when they had the super majority would do so now. The pity of it.

Canukistani said...

So Obama is a socialist!
According to a Sept. 30, 2010 American Samoa government press release, "Governor Togiola Tulafono today expressed his sincere gratitude to President Barack Obama for signing legislation that will delay the minimum wage increase scheduled to take effect in American Samoa for 2010 and 2011."

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner in an article by Walter Williams, an economist at George Mason University.

Clarissa said...

Yeah, that's the kind of "Socialist" presidents we get here. Lucky us, eh?

Anonymous said...

Obama is actually an ex-neo-marxist. Now he is a Leninist or Troskyist sending money to other countries, using deflated permanent revolution created by Tony Cliff in 1968. Deflated Permanent revolution is when the Pres. send the bourgeois (not the proletariat who are unable to get overthrow capitalism) to get to the opposite, state capitalism (government corps use capitalism to back political power in the case of china). Obama wants proletariat internationalism with Afghanistan, Pakistan, Libya, Brazil, Canada, Germany, some Africa countries like Kenya,