Tuesday, November 16, 2010

First Post from My BlackBerry Torch

Yesterday, I received my new BlackBerry Torch phone that I have wrangled out of AT&T after a protracted struggle. I've spent the entire day today learning how to use it. My graduate seminar yesterday was quite disastrous thanks to a recalcitrant grad student with a nasty attitude who apparently decided that her plagiarism didn't make enough of an impression and decided to reinforce her image of a horrible student by rolling her eyes, sighing loudly and refusing to participate in anything we did in our three-hour seminar. So today I decided to recharge by playing with my new phone and, for once, not thinking about teaching.

One thing that I realized is that it might be easier to defend another doctoral dissertation than figure out all of the phone's functions. Still, blogging is definitely much easier with it than with my old BlackBerry.
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