Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Following the Midterm Elections

I promised myself I wouldn't follow the elections but I finally finished rewriting my conference talk, which left me too wiped out to do anything other than vegetate in front of the TV. So I turned on the MSNBC and discovered that Rand Paul won in Kentucky. It is mind-boggling to me how anybody could ever convince themselves that this sheepish fool has a place in politics. At least Jack Conway, Rand Paul's opponent, seems like a decent person. And his supporters don't stomp on activists' heads.

Of course, it's Kentucky, so you can't expect the voters there to do the reasonable thing and institutionalize the crazies like Rand Paul instead of putting them in charge of the country.

Dan Coats picked up a Senate seat in Indiana, which is painful for me to see since I love that state. Of course, the Dems handled the campaign in Indiana like complete idiots that they are, so what can you expect?


Melissa said...

RAND PAUL won???

I didn't know about that one yet. What's wrong with people?

Clarissa said...

He won big. And I just listened to his very stupid celebratory speech. "We are the bestest, the richest, the freest country in the world. Capitalism rules. The government doesn't create jobs, people create jobs."