Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Technological Prowess

I'm very proud of myself because today I installed a computer (instead of the endlessly crashing one in my office) and I did it completely on my own. Then, it turned out that it doesn't have Microsoft Office installed, so I downloaded OpenOffice, which I always heard was in no way worse than Microsoft Office. And now I'm very happy because only a person whose computer kept crashing in every possible way for a year can fully appreciate the joy of having a normally functioning computer.

The only problem is that after two days of using a touchscreen cell phone, I keep poking every computer monitor I see with my finger, expecting something good to happen. But the only thing that happens is that people keep looking at me like I'm weird. Our brains learn to adapt to new technology really fast. When I was six, my father took me to his job and showed me the first computer I'd ever seen. It was a huge machine that occupied an entire room, made a humming noise, and had to be fed perforated cards. I'm going to utter a platitude now but I feel I earned it as somebody who just single-handedly installed her very first computer: it's scary to imagine what new technological advances await us in a couple of years and especially in a couple of decades.

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