Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Following the Midterm Elections, Part II

Mike Bennett who is running for the Senate in Colorado is answering the question: "What is the main reason people should make an efort to vote tonight?" His reply is very honest and very indicative of the Democrats' main problem: "Because my opponent, the guy I'm running against, will take us back to some really bad policies." I support Michael Bennett and hope he wins tonight. He is strong on education and very passionate about it. However, if even the Dems state openly that the main reason to vote for them is that the other guys are even worse, that's kind of sad. How many times can you expect people to turn up at the polls and vote for you simply because you are the lesser of two evils?

I'm not even sure that the Dems can find any convincing reason why people should vote for them, apart from how horrible the Republicans are (which, of course, is not in dispute.)

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eric said...

Bennett won here narrowly (whew!). Hickenlooper got governor over Tancredo. Propositions 60, 61, and 101 (the anti-tax props that would have ruined the state) and 62 (the anti-abortion measure) were voted down resoundingly. And Reid won in Nevada. So the news isn't all bad out West.