Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Following the Midterm Elections, Part III

Chris Coons is projected to take Delaware. This is great news. The poor guy had to go through endless debates with and interviews about the freaky Christine O'Donnell, which he did with a lot of grace. If the people of Delaware hadn't voted for Coons, this would have meant that there is no hope for this country. People like O'Donnell don't have much chance of winning. For now. Something tells me, though, that is nothing changes, we will start taking them seriously pretty soon.

I'm very nervous about the race for Governor here in Illinois. If Pat Quinn (D) loses, we are all in deep shit. Sorry, but I have no other words to describe it. I work for a public university, and we will all go to hell in a basket if the scary Bill Brady (R) wins tonight.

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Robin said...

While I admire your confidence about Christine O'Donnell being unelectable, I cannot dismiss her that easily. She was able to garner 40% of the vote. Forty percent. And she is completely and utterly unqualified. People like Ms. O'Donnell can win primaries and run for senate because the more qualified among us hesitate to run for office. But why? It's time to change this. Women need to run for office. Run, Jane, Run.