Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pro-pedophilia Books on Amazon

I don't think it's possible to hate pedophiles more than I do. Those who abuse sexually children under the age of consent are repulsive. Even now that I'm writing this, I begin to shake with uncontrollable rage towards pedophiles. No punishment is enough for these criminals.

However, I disagree with those who insist that Amazon should pull from the market self-published books by pedophiles. Books do not commit crimes. People do. The path of censorship is a very dangerous one. You start banning books by people whose ideas you find disgusting, where does this end? Right now, Bush's new book is the number one bestseller on Amazon. I find the former President to be completely disgusting. I have no doubt that this book consists of the most vile lies imaginable. Still, I would never support anybody trying to ban this book or prevent people from selling or buying it.

As Voltaire said, "Je ne suis pas d'accord avec un mot de ce que vous dites, mais je me battrai jusqu'à la mort pour votre droit de le dire." [I do not agree with a word you say, but I will die defending your right to say it."


SereneBabe said...

Businesses should censor whatever they want to censor. As long as it's not the government saying what can and can't be said, the customers and business owners have every right (and responsibility) to refuse to sell or promote products of any kind.

In my oh-so-humble-opinion.

Clarissa said...

The main thing that is being debated, I think, is whether Amazon is the bad guy for not wanting to pull the book off the market.

Richard said...

From what I read about this situation, Amazon or its partners are offering some pretty dubious books and videos containing compromising pictures of young children. While I agree entirely that books should not be subject to censorship, it seems to me that Amazon ought to exercise a little more taste and judgment in the materials it offers for sale.