Monday, April 11, 2011

Blogging Milestone

I don't know if anybody noticed, but this blog just got its 250,000th hit since May 2010 (Blogger didn't provide blog statistics before that time.) That's a quarter of a million hits in less that a year, people. Which sounds pretty good and makes me very happy.
Thank you everybody for reading, commenting, quoting, arguing, denouncing, praising and linking back. My readers are the best. And also quite numerous.

The 250,000 visitor seems to have come from Woodbury, New Jersey. Thanks for stopping by, reader!

I haven't felt this popular . . . like, ever. :-)


Spanish prof said...

What's the prize for the reader? My husband, who is an illustrator an has a website where he promotes his art and portfolio, send a personalized drawing to the 1000 visitor (he doesn't get as many people as you do).

Clarissa said...

I am planning to give out a prize for the person who makes the 1,000,000th hit. I'm thinking of giving them a colorful album with the collection of this blog's best posts.

Pagan Topologist said...

Has the counting stopped? The counter "since May 2010" seems to be blank today.

cringe-all said...

congrats! i am curious...was yours a popular blog to begin with? was there any particular post which attracted a lot of attention? did you always have a wide readership in mind when you started out?

Clarissa said...

Pagan Topologist: no, the counter still works. Maybe you need to press the Refresh button if you can't see it.

Cringe-all: the blog started with the total readership of 4 people to whom I sent the link. :-) That was in April 2009, two years ago. I though that if I could get up to 20 people to read it, that would be great. :-) It could have never occurred to me that many people would become interested.

I had my first controversial post with almost 100 comments a month into blogging. It was the post on asexuality. Then, I started stepping into controversy (completely unplanned) on a regular basis.

Blogging is weird and unpredictable and I love it.

Pagan Topologist said...

Curious. I have refreshed it several times. The counter is still blank.

Clarissa said...

Strange. Does anybody else have this problem?

I just checked it on my cell (I'm at a doctor's office) and I can see it perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your number of visitors!

However, I would like to suggest that Unique Pageviews and Unique visitors would be a more interesting number to know about than just pageviews. (Anyone can hit the refresh button by mistake or to wait and see that a comment has been approved.)


Clarissa said...

I don't have unique visitors shown in Blogger. I do, however, have them in my Statcounter. I'll put the screenshot in a separate post. Thanks for asking and letting me indulge my love of statistics.