Monday, April 11, 2011

You Know Who Annoys Me?

Students who tell their professor that they really really need to meet with her before 10 am on a Monday morning, which forces said professor to drag her sickly self to campus (instead of staying in bed and nursing her sick ear) at an ungodly hour of the morning of a day when she is not even supposed to be at work, and then fail to show up

Is there anything less intelligent than antagonizing your professor in this way at the very end of the semester?


GMP said...

I have learned from the master of godlike unavailability (a senior colleague who is so skillfully unavailable that everyone -- students and colleagues alike -- think the person is a deity and yearn for his/her time, without ever resenting that that they get a 10-min appointment 3 weeks into the future).

Do not bend over backwards to accommodate student requests for face time. Hold the office hours as scheduled and, if they don't work for a student, schedule additional appointments only at times that work well around your schedule. For everything else, there's email.

Spanish prof said...

Yes, there is. Doing it twice in a row. I was fuming so badly when I came back home that day, that my husband ran to the gas station and bought a 6 pack of beer to calm me down.

Clarissa said...

The student just wrote to say (hours after the scheduled meeting) that she'd rather meet with me on Wednesday morning (another day when I don't have to be on campus.)

Unfortunately, you can't transmit sardonic laughter through email.

Spanish prof said...

"Sorry, I can't" will do just fine. Without explanations