Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brazil vs Mexico

We watched a video in my Intermediate Spanish course where a football match between Mexico and Brazil was discussed.

"So are the characters in the video from Mexico or from Brazil?" I asked students.

There was a long pause.

"They are from Mexico," I said. "Now, how do we know that?"

"Because if they were from Brazil, the uniforms would be yellow and blue and here they were green and white," a student suggested.

"Because there was a guy in a huge hat in the background," another student added.

"Because the priest said Mass, and people in Mexico are all Catholic," was another response.

"And what language did the people in the video speak?" I asked, trying to take the discussion in a more productive direction.

"Spanish," the students responded in unison.

"And in Brazil they speak..."

"Ohhhh. . .  that's true," they said.

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feMOMhist said...

my favorite is when I'm teaching class on latino/a and colleagues want to know why I don't include Spain.

BTW totally stealing your illustrated idea for modernism/PM today. Will let you know how it works