Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Canadian Elections: The Debate

Here is the picture of Canadian leaders who debated yesterday as part of their campaign for the upcoming elections in Canada. I saw it and realized that Canada is screwed and will continue to be so while this is what the country's politics continues to look like.


Izgad said...

Oh goody. Old white males to rule the universe. What could go wrong? :p

Clarissa said...

My point exactly. Universe can do whatever it wants, but o, Canada, my home and native land. True patriot love in all thy. . . - yeah, it does say "sons" in the anthem, so maybe our politicians are just being too literal. :-)

Northern Gaijin 北外人 said...

Ok. I posted my opinion on the Canadian election on my blog - finally. You can guess that I'm not voting for Harper.