Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Music, Part I

I've been asked to write a post on my music preferences. I have to confess that music tastes are very weird. Of course, I can always hide behind the word "eclectic", but "weird" is more honest a term to describe them. So from now on, I will be sharing my favorite music from time to time. I promise not to do it too often because I know that some people (myself included) hate blogs that are filled with an endless succession of videos.

I don't know if I shared this before, but I'm a huge opera lover. Today, I want to offer to your attention my absolutely favorite aria ever performed by the amazing Luciano Pavarotti. It comes from Leoncavallo's opera Pagliacci and is called "Vesti la giubba."

One thing to remember is that no recording can possibly capture Pavarotti's amazing voice. I had the incredible luck to attend the great singer's live concert some years ago and I have to tell you that it was an experience I cannot describe with words.

I have probably listened to this aria hundreds of times, but it makes me cry every single time I listen to it. I just watched this video for the purposes of this blog and I'm in tears again. Just this one short aria is enough to redeem the entire human civilization, in my opinion.

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