Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Sarcozona sent me a link to the following story titled "Why I Don't Have a Kindle":
Yesterday, as I was exiting the bathroom I heard a large splash and realized my new book had slid into the toilet. Although the toilet was empty, I was grossed out enough that I had to go buy a new copy. If I had a Kindle, I thought, I could just download the book again and I wouldn't have to buy a new copy. Then I thought, if I had a Kindle, I would no longer have one that works.
Anti-Kindlers truly are a weird bunch. If we follow this line of reasoning we could say, "Sheesh, it's a good thing that I don't have a baby. Because if I'd dropped the baby into the toilet, then I wouldn't have one any more. And I'd probably face criminal charges."

One could also say, "A friend was going to work yesterday, tripped and broke her leg. It's a good thing I don't have a job!"

Or, "It's a good thing that nobody gave me a check for $1,000,000. Because if I'd dropped it in the toilet, I wouldn't have $1,000,000 any more."

Of course, the entire issue could be avoided if one tried not to wave babies, Kindles, books, checks or hand grenades around the toilet bowl, but who cares about easy solutions like that.

And yes, I realize that the piece was supposed to be humorous. I just don't have any sense of humor when it comes to the Kindle.


Natasha from Russia said...

And I always dreamed of the electronic book. Even in the blog has written about the dream. The matter is that I can't carry with myself about apartment on apartment library. I had to throw out huge fatherly library which it collected many years at moving. I very hard left it and now I do not want to collect more paper books, and they gather and gather.

Clarissa said...

Unfortunately, the Kindle still doesn't read Russian characters. I hope this is the next feature its developers will work on.

Natasha from Russia said...

Well, yes I will fall in love with it, when from it will smell as a paper, glue and переплетом (forgot as the word in English sounds)

Clarissa said...

The word you are looking for is "binding". :-)

Clarissa said...

Old books smell musty and nasty, though.

Natasha from Russia said...

Many thanks

Leah Jane said...

I don't own a kindle, and I probably never will. My girlfriend got a kobo as a Christmas present last year though. I don't know her opinion on it yet.
However, I'm not impressed with the kindle (or the nook) because I recently went on a journey to help my legally blind friend find an e-reader.
She requires large text in order to read, and wanted to read for pleasure again after years in school. But the people at both Amazon and B&N were unwilling to give us an honest answer about whether or not she could use it with her extremely low vision. Eventually, we stumbled on the Sony e-reader, and they actually let her try it out, were very informative and polite, and the text worked perfectly for her after we figured out the settings.
So if I ever purchase an e-reader, it will be from a company that doesn't drag disabled customers through the mud and try to push equipment that won't work for them on them.

Amanda said...

is it pronounced "perepletom"? If so, that's a WAY more awesome sounding word than binding.

liese4 said...

I agree with Natasha. Books have weight and texture. They smell new or old, they can be musty and smell like mothballs, or they can be old and smell like leather and perfume. The crackle when you turn the pages, they get dog-eared and yes, you sometimes lose your place in them (get a bookmark.) But, to sit and read, touch and smell the paper the story is written on is wonderful.

Did you see this chair?

You couldn't fill it with Kindles. :)

Anonymous said...

The Kindle has lots of nice features, but one very, very big drawback - it does not support the epub format. This was, for me, a deal-breaker, so I got a kobo. The kobo is acceptable, but I what I'm really waiting for is an iPad with an eye-friendly e-ink screen.
( Just salivated a little bit... )