Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Annoying Type of Bloggers

You know which type of blogger I find the most annoying? The one who publishes nothing but posts with very catchy titles that contain nothing but a link to a post by another blogger that contains nothing but a link to another post that, in turn, contains. . . You get the picture. Does anybody really believe that their readers have enough time to follow this endless chain of links because of a vague promise that something fun can be located at the end of the line?

I understand that everyone wants to give traffic to their friends who have linked to their own friends, and so on. But please, people, let's be respectful of each other's time. Just link directly to the damn article you want the people to read. It would also be really helpful if you expressed your own attitude to the piece you are linking to. Do you agree? Disagree? Why do you think it's an important article to read? Contribute something every once in a while.

I will now be cleaning my blogroll of everybody who has done this to me for 5 times in a row.

Another blogging offense that really bothers me is posting statements like: "Everybody, read this book, it's amazing!" And then posting the book's title. If you feel the burning need to share your love for the book in question, is it too much to ask that you mention what the stupid book is about? Is it fiction? Journalism? Textbook? Short stories? Novel? Play? Biography?

Everybody writes a stupid post or makes a silly blogging mistake from time to time but if you do this to your readers every day, then don't complain nobody comes to your blog.

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Steve Hayes said...

Like the people on newsgroups who post nothing but a URL.

Eventually I posted a web page that explained how abominably rude this practice was, and then I would reply to such posts with the URL of my web page.

And if you think everyone should read a book, then write a review, saying why you liked it or why you didn't, or what you learned from it or what you didn't.