Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Words of Wisdom from My Father

My father is an important scholar of applied linguistics. He is also a gifted writer, whose short stories and novels have been published in several different countries. As a writer, he has this way of putting things that is wise, incisive, and hilarious. So I just wanted to share a small excerpt from our correspondence with my readers:
Americans love their flag like a wounded person loves his bandage. And they love the word 'America' as Shakespearians like the word 'Shakespeare', the only difference being that Shakespeare dropped no bombs on anybody.
Now do you see where I get my brilliant wit?

Here is more:
America teaches the whole world human rights - which makes it look like a teacher who never attended school.
 I will share these two statements with my students tomorrow and see what happens.


Richard said...

You noted that, “my father is an important scholar of applied linguistics.” The operative word is,”applied.” He sounds like a man who understands that language is a tool not an academic exercise and reflects the European view of languages. He seems to me to be a very perceptive observer of the U.S. and, I would suspect, any other nation where he has lived. He also has an excellent dry wit, at least based on these two quotes. It is easier to look in a mirror if you are laughing.

Clarissa said...

Thank you, Richard, for your kind comment.

el said...

Could you give a link, at least for a day or 2, to his books, please? Should I e-mail you?

Clarissa said...

Thank you for your interest, el. I should have mentioned that my father writes in Russian, so unless you are a Russian-speaker, you will have trouble reading his books. However, a couple of his short stories have appeared in translation into English. They are located here:


el said...

Russian is my mother tongue. I lived in Ukraine like you, then we went to Israel.

Could you give a link in Russian too, please? I googled михаил блэкмэн рассказы , but got nothing.

Clarissa said...

Sorry, el, I misunderstood completely. Welcome to the blog!

Here is a link to several short stories he published:


Here is a link to his recent book on Amazon:


Here is a link to a short story in the original:


I will be happy to hear your impressions.