Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'll Never Understand Americans

I'm watching the most recent episode of Project Runway and the challenge is to design an outfit honoring the style of an American icon of fashion and style. . . Jackie Kennedy Onassis.


A person who had the great taste to marry this?

And who walked around dressed like this? Who had all the money in the world and chose to don a cheap stewardess outfit?

I mean, just look at this embarrassing monstrosity. Not every mail-order bride would stoop this low in her hunt for riches.

I don't want to offend anybody's ultra-patriotic American sensibilities but has there ever been anything more vulgar that the entire Kennedy clan?

And if you are about to break into a rant about J. F. Kennedy's progressive views, please don't. The guy was so pig-headed that if the Soviet Union's Nikita Khrushev hadn't backed down, there would have been a full-fledged nuclear conflict between the Soviet Union and the US. And one obviously has to work hard to be even more stupid and pig-headed than Khrushev.

I understand that every culture is in need of its icons but this is too sad, people. Bailouts to Goldman Sachs and Co demonstrated that Americans do, indeed, find it fashionable to get screwed by filthy rich disgusting old farts. Is it in that sense that Jackie Kennedy is considered "a fashion icon"?


Richard said...

I would scarcely take “Project Runway” as the fashion arbiter for the U.S. as a whole. As for Jackie, because she could speak passable French and hired a French cook for the White House she was considered to be the ultimate in continental sophistication by a fair number of ill-informed women. Of course in the sixties airline stewardesses were considered quite glamorous and sophisticated themselves. Remember this was in the days when you could be “too heavy” or “too unattractive” to be a stewardess. So to say a woman’s outfit made her look like a stewardess was a compliment.

Clarissa said...

"As for Jackie, because she could speak passable French and hired a French cook for the White House she was considered to be the ultimate in continental sophistication by a fair number of ill-informed women."

-:-) :-) This is really well said.

I think you are right about the stewardesses. It was, indeed, considered prestigious for a while to be a stewardess. Today, when even the pilots are paid really miserable wages, there is hardly a worse career choice than to be a stewardess.

Justin said...

Hm. Well, 1960's fashion was a bit of a mixed bag. Among some of the more-or-less "Old Money" families in the United States a fairly conservative, sort of spartan fashion was very common.

I mean, the men in my family wore sack-cut suits from J. Press or Brooks Brothers, Oxford cloth shirts with button down collars, etc.

Granted, my grandfather also wore Nantucket Reds and patch Madras blazers (not together, mind you).

Candide said...

Oh, women.

The strife for a better social position is so ingrained into their genes that they have to follow its calling even when they're already rich.


PD: I do not find either person on the pic physically attractive.

Clarissa said...

So you are saying Onassis, who married the wife of a former US president for the social prestige she could bring him, was a woman? Interesting. I never heard this version before but who knows?

Candide said...

Nono, that's put into the category of "things one does for a green card".

Aren't human beings terribly complex?

Clarissa said...

I have to say, candide, that you are one of the most cryptic commenters I have ever had. Who are these people who are already rich and would do anything for a green card to acquire a higher social position? That sounds very confusing.

Candide said...

Now I am the lost one. Are you intrigued by the issue or by my person?

And what makes you think that you have me yet?

(Ok, I know I should give you a hint: bazinga! And: your first retorting was so good I laughed a lot and took some time to come up with a reply.)

Frankie said...

I've heard a lot of women complain about how men view them as "sex objects" and aren't concerned about anything other than their physical attractiveness. After reading this blog entry, though, I suppose I can thank you for proving that women can do the same to men.

Clarissa said...

Women can do all the non-physiological things men can. You know why? because we are just as fully human. :-) :-)