Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Need Help Making Sense of Traffic Counters

If there are people who understand how this stuff works, please help me make sense out of this mystery. I've been using for information on the number of visits to my blog. Now, I have also started using the Blogger hit counter, which is powered by Google and is in-built into this site. The problem is that these two counters show widely divergent numbers of hits on this blog. And I mean very very different. I have blocked both counters from counting my own visits to this blog, so I know that the problem lies elsewhere. Does anybody have any idea which one of these hit counters I should trust? And why the numbers they give are so different?

If you are wondering why I care about it enough to dedicate an entire post to it - I have Asperger's, I count things, it's just the way it is. And when I can't count things correctly, it really really bothers me. Thanks in advance for any help!


Pagan Topologist said...

I just tried to comment here and was told "Service Unavailable" So maybe this will count as a separate visit.

Does one of the services count each click within your blog as a separate visit, and the other one not?

Clarissa said...

Yes, of course!!!! Thank you, friend!!! You solved this mystery for me. Only now I went to check and noticed that one statcounter says "pageviews" and the other says "visits."

What a relief! I hate it when I can't understand how something works.

Thanks, thanks, thanks!!!!!

Justin said...

Visits are tracked by IP address and/or session ID. Pageviews are individual clicks.

Visits/unique visits is the more reliable of the two numbers if you're curious as to the number of individuals visiting your site.

But, it sounds like Pagan Topologist beat me to the punch.

Clarissa said...

Thank you for confirming this, Justin!! Tomorrow or on Friday at the latest it will become clear to everybody why I'm being so obsessive about these numbers. I'm going to celebrate a certain blog milestone and need to be completely sure about it. :-) :-)

Thanks for the help!