Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Some of the Features of This Blog

In this post, I'm going to list some of the features of this blog that people might not have noticed before and might want to use more in the future.

1. Pages. Right now, we have 4 pages on this blog. "Home", which is the one where you are right now and where new posts appear. "Activism" where I give links to some important causes you can support by writing letters or e-mails. "Asperger's" where I collected some of my best posts on autism. "Controversy" where I brought together some of my most controversial posts. I will add more pages in the future, so keep checking them out.

2. Translator. On the right, you have a translator that can automatically translate the blog posts into a few different languages. As all free translators, this one is very far from perfect. Sometimes, it's just fun to use it to see how many mistakes it makes.

3. Sharing. Underneath the translator and this blog's e-mail, you have a button that allows you to share my posts on Facebook and Twitter. Obviously, when you share my posts, that makes me very happy, so continue doing that.

4. Twitter. These are some of my most recent tweets.

5. Clarissa's Blog on Kindle. If you press this button, you will see the Amazon page of this blog. there, you can read some of the nice things my Kindle readers have said about the blog.

6. Search This Blog. This is a very useful function that allows you to enter any word, name, or concept and see if I blogged about it.

7. Search 2.0. This is a very cool function where you can enter any book title to see if it's available on Amazon. This search box will take you directly to Amazon where you can browse, buy, or read the great reviews people (including me) are posting. Of course, when you buy something on Amazon after getting there from my blog, that benefits me financially a little bit, so I'm all for everybody doing that. :-) Don't worry, Amazon divulges no personal information to me and I have no way of knowing who bought what.

8. Recent comments. This box allows you to see what people have been commenting recently. It takes a while to refresh, so don't worry if your most recent comment doesn't show up instantaneously. It will be there eventually.

9. Labels. This is a list of tags I have used in my posts. The ones that come in the largest letters are the ones I blog about most often.

10. Followers. Unfortunately, not every reader can be an offical follower. You need to have your own blog with Blogger, or at least a Blogger profile to become a follower. So mostly, my followers are fellow bloggers. Thank you, guys! I remember when I only had 1 follower and it felt very lonely.

11. The Blog Archive, Useful Links, and Amazon Ads need no explanation.

12. Map. If you scroll down, you will see this cute little map. It is usually wildly wrong on the number of visitors, either giving a lot more or a lot less visitors than actually came to the blog on a given day. In spite of its incurable inaccuracy, though, I like it because it shows from which parts of the world my readers come and that's really cool.

13. Countdown. At the very bottom of the page, you can see this really pretty countdown that is counting how much time this lazy layabout academic still has to go until the next long summer holidays. Today, there are still 7 months and 3 weeks until the end of the academic year.

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