Sunday, September 26, 2010

"It's Just Your Opinion!"

People often respond to things I blog about with this weird reproach: "It's just your opinion!" Well, duh. Of course, I express my opinions on my blog. Wouldn't it be very strange if I expressed somebody else's? In the very fisrt post I ever wrote, I stated that blogging was the way I discovered to express my own opinions, which, unfortunately, is not something a young academic can do freely in their professional setting. Also, the header of the blog announces very clearly that this is what I'm doing here: voicing my opinions. Why some people feel the need repeatedly to reproach me for doing what I always said I was trying to do is impossible for me to comprehend.


Hether said...

True that, My blog tittle is Witchy Feminist, but it clearly states it's my blog on my description. But still a blog is full of opinions.

Snarky Writer said...

Might be that's how people justify dismissing what you have to say; it's merely opinion, and merely YOUR opinion, and not fact, or MY opinion, therefore it's poo.

Anonymous said...

I had a lot of people do that on my old blogs -- less so on my current one.

Still very annoying, I agree.

My response is usually either, "This is a blog, not a PhD dissertation. Get over it."

Or, "Do your own research if you care so much."

Apparently, you and I are so powerful, our opinions greatly threaten many people. ;-)