Sunday, September 26, 2010

Maps and Stereotypes

These maps are priceless, people. Enjoy!
What Europe looks like from France
What Europe looks like from Germany

The world according to Americans

The map of European stereotypes


Vinod Khare said...

Here's one for Indians:

Clarissa said...

This is hilarious! I especially loved the description of Canada. :-)

Thank you, my anniversary visitor! :-)

V said...

Not very nice, but true:

V said...

But they can laugh at themselves too :)

KT said...

I should make one for Nigeria when I have the time. This should be fun.

eric said...

I like how the German and French maps are so well-defined, while the Americans' map looks like a child's rendition. That speaks volumes!

Clarissa said...

Thank you, V.! It was so good that I had to put it into a separate post.

I am now laughing and beating my head against the desk.