Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I Figured Out Why the IT Guy Hates Me!

Thanks to one of my favorite blogs, I now know why my IT guy hates me. This is exactly how I do my Google searches. I have noticed that the IT guy would make these choking noises while observing me do stuff on my office computer. So this is the reason, huh? Interesting. . .

I will try the new system tomorrow, though, and see how it works. Maybe I will invite the IT guy over to watch my newfound computer prowess.

If the cartoon is too small and you can't see it, click on it or go here and zoom in.


Anonymous said...

Probably because you're a liberal moron.

misskate said...

Quotation marks are your best friend in google. That cartoon made me crack up, because while I'm not IT, I am a librarian and watching my friends and mom use the internet drives me nuts!