Sunday, September 19, 2010

Searches That Bring People to This Blog

I have no idea why but I never used this function of my blog's statcounter before. Now I did and discovered that people sometimes get directed here by asking questions I never answered. So I decided to make these folks' lives easier and provide my answers to their queries.

1. "what kind of jobs can a female with asburgers do": There are various possibilities here. A female (just like a male) with ASPERGER'S can do any job she wishes to do. A female with ass burgers is more difficult to define in terms of possible employment. If she nakes these ass burgers, she can open a chain of restaurants and become a new McDonald's. If the burgers are growing out of her ass, she can become a porn star.

2. "is latisses safe to use while breastfeeding": The correct question should be why would anybody in their right mind take prescription medication to make their lashes grow whether they are breastfeeding or not??? People, come on! This shit is so potent that it can change your eye color for good. I'd use Latisse to test a doctor to see if s/he is a quack or a responsible medical professional. If a doctor agrees to prescribe you this rubbish, how can they be trusted with one's health?

3. "is eat pray love racist": The book is based on the assumption that brown people exist to entertain bored rich American women. Do you think that's racist?

4. "why do people hate religion?": Do people really need to do a Google search for that? Pick up a history textbook or simply turn on television and you will have your answer.

5. "why people immigrate to quebec": As somebody who emigrated to Quebec 12 years ago, I can answer that question with one simple set of figures for you to consider. As a penniless immigrant, I did a BA and an MA at the best university in Canada. After getting my diplomas, I had absolutely no school-related debt. Not a dime. Now, if I had emigrated to the US and got 2 degrees at, say Harvard, which in Canada we call the McGill of the South, I would have graduated with a debt of at least $300,000.

6. "is it ok to hate kids": As long as you aren't doing anything bad to them, then sure, why not. I really respect people who decide not to have children because they simply don't like kids. They are a lot more honest (and a lot less damaging) than those who force themselves to have kids because that's what society expects from them and then abuse and neglect those poor children.

7. "had a c section and feel like failure": Please, don't! Just don't. You brought a person into this world. You created an actual human being. That's huge, lady. Who cares how exactly you did it? Don't let this stupid anti-c-section propaganda make you feel bad about yourself and make you feel like you are less of a woman or anything like that. Enjoy your child and be proud of yourself. And tell anybody who criticizes you for havinga c-section exactly where they can stick their stupid anti-woman propaganda.


cringe-all said...

what kind of statcounter do you use in your blog that lets you see actual searchphrases?

Clarissa said...

I use It's fairly acurate compared to other counters I tried. And it has tons of other fun features. I highly recommend it.