Sunday, September 26, 2010

Scrabble on Kindle

Great news for Scrabble-loving Kindle-owners: our favorite game is finally available on Kindle. Unlike Shuffled Row and Every Word, SCRABBLE for Kindle isn't free. For me, however, the game is definitely worth the price.

I'm fascinated by language games and Scrabble is one of my favorite word games ever. The only problem is that I really suck at it. I'm not being coy about it, or anything. Believe me, my Scrabble skills are abismally poor. A long time ago, I stopped inflicting myself at those of my friends who play this game. I tried playing with strangers online, thinking that, since I don't know them, I won't feel bad by making them suffer through the frustration of playing with me. Eventually, though, I gave up after receiving several polite suggestions that I learn the rules before I subject people to my horrible Scrabble skills.

Now that SCRABBLE is available on Kindle, I can gratify my desire to play the game without making anybody suffer. The Kindle version of the game can be played against yourself, against the computer (at various levels of prowess), and against your friends. I was afraid that it would take the system forever to think of a move, but that turned out not to be the case. The game against the computer proceeds fast. There are in-built functions that help those of us whose Scrabble skills are poor. Graphically, the game is beautiful and very easy to play. The only problem with the game is that now I've been playing it for 2 days and keep putting off grading students' exams.

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misskate said...

My family loves Scrabble. I was the youngest cousin, so I was always too intimidated to play, especially against my grandma and my aunts. I started playing as an adult and while I do enjoy it, I'm still at the stage where I'm just excited to get a word on the board; the whole strategic side of Scrabble totally eludes me.
Have you ever tried Bananagrams?