Monday, May 4, 2009

Bar Talk

So I was out drinking the other night and this guy I kind of know came up to me. Here's the conversation we had:

Guy: So what are you doing here?

Me: Drinking.

Guy: Yeah, but why here?

Me: This is my bar. It's across the street from my place.

Guy: But it's the most low-class place in town!

Me: Well, I guess I'm a low-class person then.

Guy: Aren't you afraid this might tarnish your reputation? You are a professor, you need to start thinking about these things. What if your Dean finds out that you frequent such a place?

Me: If I'm not mistaken, you told me that you are a professor of Physics at . . . College. And still I always see you in this bar. Aren't you afraid for your reputation?

Guy: It's different for me, though.

Me: How is it different?

Guy: Well, I'm a guy.

After this comment, I continued tarnishing my reputation at the other side of the bar.

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Anonymous said...

There is a surprising gender issue in your story. I was expecting the guy to say that it is different for him because he is a tenured Professor.

Clarissa said...

I must be too conceited because I thought that he will say the difference is that I work for an Ivy-league school and he works for an insignificant little college. :-)