Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Emotions and Female Sexuality

So I wanted to distract myself from the bad mood I was in and decided to read some articles unrelated to academia. But this must be one of those days when the universe is conspiring to annoy me. So I found this new "study" that "proves" that "Women who are more "emotionally intelligent" get greater pleasure from sex."

I'm so sick and tired of this patriarchal propaganda. The next thing we are going to hear is the same old hugely offensive silliness that "for women, sex is about emotions and intimacy, while for men, it's about the purely physical."

This so-called study is about denying us the right to have sex just for the physical pleasure. Once again, women who separate sex and love or sex and emotions are somehow wrong.

The reaction of feminist sites? They celebrate it because for them it means that "women have brains." This is too ridiculous.


Anonymous said...

What's the definition of "emotional intelligence"?
Maybe the ability to make a choice (as opposed to being stuck forever in one mode), and to have sex for physical reasons or for emotional reasons or for both types of reasons simultaneously when the individual wants so, and to successfully negotiate it with one's partner, is "emotional intelligence"?

Clarissa said...

If this study spoke about emotional intelligence helping PEOPLE to have better sex, I wouldn't have a problem. It's equating female sexuality with emotions - yet again - that bothers me.