Thursday, May 7, 2009

MLA Dialogues (Part II)

Employers: How do you feel about MRSDFEW (or some other weird acronym)?

Me: I'm really sorry, I'm not sure what it is.

Employers: Please understand that we do not insist on your participation in (weird acronym). We would just like to know whether you might be interested.

Me: If you could tell me what it is...

Employers: You have to realize that we will be asking about many different things, and nobody expects you to say "yes" to everything. So you can just tell us if you are not interested in (weird acronym).

Me: If only I knew what (weird acronym) is, I could definitely tell you whether I am interested or not.

Kindly interviewer: It's OK, you really don't have to participate in (weird acronym). (Turns to the other interviewers). Guys, you are stressing her out, she obviously isn't interested in it.

Me (in quiet desperation): I would sooo love to find out what (weird acronym) is...

Employers: Well, let's move on to a different question.

A lot of time has passed, and I still have no idea what the weird acronym stands for.


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