Monday, May 11, 2009

More Montreal This is St. Mathieu street in downtown Montreal where I lived with my sister for five years. (I hope none of my students knock on the door of my office right now because I'm actually in tears because of seeing this picture.) St. Mathieu is one of the streets that was always in construction. After I moved away, I had to learn to fall asleep in a silent place.

And this is the building where I lived last year:

It is right on the corner of Sherbrooke and Parc La Fontaine. I lived on the eleventh floor, and the view of the city was incredible. This is my favorite bar and cigar lounge. For some weird reason, I really like this place. They have 100 different kinds of martinis and you can smoke there. People say that Crescent Street is touristy and no true Montrealer would confess to liking it. But I actually do. This is the place I would go to have fun when I was an undergrad student many years ago.

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