Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Living Arrangements

When I accepted a tenure-track position in a tiny Midwestern town, it never occurred to me that I might end up with no place to live.

There is almost nothing to rent. Now I understand why a huge part of my campus visit was an excursion with a real estate agent. For me, buying a place is out of the question. First, because my credit is not just bad, it's nonexistent. Second, because I am profoundly ideologically opposed to buying real estate.

The couple of places that are for rent are a) ridiculously expensive (the rent is higher than on the East Coast) and b) right on the highway. And I don't drive.

In all probability, I'll have to ask my department to put a cot in my office for me to avoid sleeping under the bridge.

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Anonymous said...

This is surprising...
I used to live in a small Midwestern university town, and one could rent a two-bedroom apartment for about 600 a month in a good place. And there were a lot of apartments...
Where do students live? In mobile homes?

Clarissa said...

You are right! Turns out people in that town advertise in a local newspaper and not on places like rent.com. I could have never guessed that. And, as you say, there are several nice cheap places.

I can't believe I'm moving again!