Monday, May 11, 2009

Feminism and Sexuality

At a recent feminist conference about sexuality, Ricci Levy, Woodhull Freedom Foundation Executive Director said the following:

"Imagine a country where you are just as comfortable talking to people about sex and what you like as you are talking about chocolate. That would be what sexual freedom would look like."

This telling quote is just too hilarious. Sexual freedom is about TALKING? How sad is it that people substitute having sex with talking about sex with such ease? Of course, Feministing where the quote appeared has nothing but praise for this statement.


Anonymous said...

In a society where talking about sex is often problematic even in intimate relationships (hence the need to fake orgasms), being able to talk about sex more freely can contribute to the quality of actual sex.

Clarissa said...

This is not such a society, though. We blabber about sex round the clock. Which does nothing to make people more sexually open and less prudish.

The need to fake orgasms has nothing whatsoever to do with not being able to discuss things, in my opinion.

Anonymous said...

I said what I said keeping in mind the discussion about faking orgasms, and the arguments presented there. Namely, somebody was faking because it was easier to do than to tell her SO that she is not really in the mood, tired, etc...